bebe briscoe update


week // 40
weight gained // 35lbs 
sleep // so traumatic i can't even talk about it 
highlights // hiring a doula, packing our bags for the hospital, installing bebe briscoe's carseat, and my push present- given by a man who knows me well: housecleaning for before/after the birth. be still my heart!
missing // my life before back pain and pelvic pain and swollen feet
craving // chocolate milk! and everything bagels with cream cheese. (OINK.)
hating // the not knowing when our little one will decide to join us
loving // spending time with family, getting pedicures and massages, going on dates with B, the feeling of anticipation as we wait and wait and wait and wait...
looking forward to // experiencing labor/birth, seeing our son or daughter for the first time.

oh, life is beautiful.

things that make a girl real happy.


a moses basket for the wee babe. 

bebe briscoe update

week // 32
weight gained // 25lbs (oh help)
sleep // elusive, short-lived, unsatisfying. apparently this is helping to prepare us for the sleepless nights following baby's arrival? but in general just feels like torture? 
highlights // seeing our little one's face via ultrasound, touring the hospital, building a DIY baby gym with the hubs
missing // that feeling of lightness and mobility, all of my shoes that no longer fit, being able to bend over to pick things up, or shave my legs, or put on socks...
craving // oatmeal cream pies (hence the 25b weight gain), A/C, lemonade 
hating // walking long distances, getting up to go to the bathroom multiple times a night, feeling SO HOT.
loving // pedicures, evenings spent relaxing on the couch with my baby daddy, deciding on names, seeing the house fill up with the cutest baby things (it's getting real up in here!)
looking forward to // interviewing doulas, installing the carseat, and braxton hicks contractions so i don't feel so nervous about the real thing



our trip to texas in july was full of fun, laughter and some amazing food. (texas has the BEST foods, can we all agree on that fact? YES WE CAN, which is why i gained 5 pounds while we there.) first of all we celebrated bebe briscoe with a shower in dallas that was so, so sweet! we saw relatives and extended family and soaked up time in my mom's pool in houston. then we drove to austin and visited some of our old haunts and relaxed with brian's family before heading back home to begin nesting and settling in to wait for our little arrival. it's so surreal looking at these pictures of myself and thinking seriously, there's a baby in there?! i'm about to be a mom?! i vacillate between getting emotional about the reality of it all and being in complete denial and freak-out mode whenever i think about october 7th and all of the change it will bring to our lives. i can sense a shift happening within myself, the love for this little person i've never met, already alive and vibrant, already demanding to become more important than my love of self, our orderly life, the things i used to hold so dear. i can sense a shift happening within my marriage as we rearrange our priorities and begin to make room to accommodate the excitement and joy and challenges of beginning a family, of allowing a new being to join our party of two. we are so completely happy and ready and over the moon to find out if we have a son or a daughter, and to discover their little personality and how their presence will change and enrich our lives. 

to new beginnings!

bebe briscoe update


week // 27
weight gained // 18 lbs ('tis the beginning of the end, i think)
sleep // three words: backache, indigestion, insomnia
highlights // the sweetest baby shower, lots of swimming (so nice to feel weightless), sharing the experience/journey of pregnancy with loved ones
missing // those things called cheekbones? and have i mentioned margaritas? 
craving // anything cold, mainly sonic ice and ice cream and lots of water with lemon
hating // being this pregnant during the summer and the swelling, DEAR GOD THE SWELLING
loving // what pregnancy is doing for my skin, feeling and seeing baby move, when packages come in the mail, the increasing excitement/anticipation of bebe briscoe's arrival
looking forward to // the nesting phase ♡

isn't life funny?


we can plan all we like and dream all we want, but life has a way of steering us in directions that we never expected. i realized recently that i never wrote here about why i am still nannying and where i am at currently, concerning my dreams of pursuing dance after school. to be honest, i thought i would be dancing or teaching or doing something dance-related right now. i mean, that was part of the reason that we moved to colorado in the first place. but eight months after relocating, when i was still unemployed and mildly depressed about it, a nanny job fell into my lap and well, here i am... doing what i have done for the last 10 years... and enjoying it. i guess i shouldn't be surprised, but i was so determined to change careers when we moved that's it funny to think about now. 
to be clear, i should state here that i did land a teaching position at a dance studio right after we moved. however it didn't take long to discover that it wasn't the right fit and more importantly that i didn't love teaching in a studio like i thought i would. dance studios tend to teach multiple forms of dance and to compete in annual conventions and competitions and my heart just wasn't in it. for me, dance is more than a pair of tap shoes on a little girl, or a performance in front of applauding parents, or a competition in which we are judged by our talent and not necessarily by our heart. i'm not sure where this leaves me in regards to a career in dance. a part of me would love to teach about the art and history of dance, about the ways it informs and moves us as a culture... or to teach ballet or modern dance in a way that would challenge my students to excel and hone their skill, not for the sake of a medal hanging around their necks but because they have a passion for the art form itself. my dream of owning my own studio or company is still alive. the idea of graduate school is still in the back of my mind... to do dance therapy or to teach in a college and influence students the way i was influenced by my professors would be a privilege and an honor. so in regards to the future, i don't know. i do know that i should be dancing now. that i should find a group or a company in town and i should join and dance and be a part of something that is larger than myself.  i know this like i know that i should be doing yoga, or working out, or eating better or being more social. these things are healthy, beneficial, good things. but at the same time... i am content. i feel a peace with where i am now, in regards to dance and life in general. i believe that i will dance again. my intuition tells me that it's only a matter of time before my passion for movement begs to be recognized, fed, fulfilled. in a way it is exciting to think about, at the same time it feels completely abstract at this point in my life. i can see it on the horizon but i can't make out the details. and i'm ok with that. when the time comes when i'm not ok with it, i'll open the door on that dream again. until then, i'll dance in my room in the dark, or under the stars with someone i love, or on a crowded street with girlfriends and i'll know that it is still a part of me, that in some capacity although dormant, it is still alive, vibrant, and waiting. for now, for me, that is enough. 


life lately...

quiet afternoons at home ^^
savoring the first moments of the day ^^
spring frost ^^
my nephews are the coolest ^^
mexican food forever ^^
sundays are for lovers ^^
fresh flowers // my beloved suzani tapestry ^^
the office/guest space, coming together ^^
a week before i found out i was pregnant, SORRY BEBE ^^
because it snows in march here you guys ^^
pieces of home ^^
right before my hair was royally fudged ^^
the most exciting antique find ^^
fruit cravings in full swing ^^
my sexy man on our 9 year anniversary ^^
best eBay score, ever ^^
a foggy downtown ^^
the chemex obsession lives on ^^
when making your bed feels like a real accomplishment, because #knockedup ^^
another plant to murder ^^
skysox game for my brother's birthday ^^
my mimi's flowers, i did NOT inherit her green thumb ^^
arkansas' modern architecture ^^
these two ^^
the sweetest dad and stepmom a girl could ask for ^^
plantation mansions FTW ^^
again i say, mexican food forever ^^
that colorado sky ^^
stopping to smell the roses ^^

life lately has been full of excitement, anticipation, celebration and joy. this little babe in my stomach is already changing our lives for the better and we just couldn't be happier. i've been working up a storm, trying to put in extra hours before my maternity leave begins this fall. brian and i have been thinking and planning and shopping for high chairs and bassinets and carseats and it's pretty much the most fun we've had together in years. there's just something so special about preparing our home and our hearts for this little being we've yet to meet. we're both giddy with the excitement of it all. i traveled to arkansas with my dad in june and it was so good to see my grandparents and spend time with family. B and i also made a quick trip to texas in july (more on that later) but other than that, we've been spending most of our time at home, savoring quiet evenings and spontaneous dates while it's still just the two of us. this summer will go down in my memory as one of the sweetest, slowest and most special times in our lives.


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